Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 5 Demo and Reference Photos

Here's the demo James did in class. The psd files as well as a recorded video of the process are up on the dropbox along with all the photos I took of the model. Go here and click on the "week 5" folder: Class Dropbox

And again, feel free to reach out to me or James if you have any questions or need some feedback on your book covers.
See you guys next week!

hw wk 4: simeon schaffner

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 5 Homework Assignment

Book Cover Illustration!

Create a book cover illustration using the painting you started from the model in class and photos of the model for further reference. You may choose a different pose/angle if you want.

Make sure you incorporate a title in your cover. The title/font is up to you.

Print your book covers 11x17 for class next week, and feel free to contact James or Lance throughout the week if you need feedback.

Examples of student work from last term:

Lorenzo Di Sante Wk4

Anda Sung WK 04

Dawn Sng Zi Ling Week 4

Joshua Lim WK 4

Aaron Chae I Week 4

DC2 WK4 Larkin McLean

Sam Drummond Wk4 Figures

DC2 WK4 Conrad Gervinas - Life Poses

REMAKE of the original work


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 4 Homework Assignment

For this week:
    - Make revisions to your still life illustration from last week based on the critiques you got in class.
    - 20 Figure drawings from life (5-10) minutes each
    - Print your work

REMINDER: There will be no class next Wednesday (the 21st) however the classroom will be open for you to come in to work. Normal class schedule will resume on Wednesday June 28th, and there will be an extra class added onto the end of term (August 2nd)

See you in two weeks!

DC2_WK3_Anda Sung