Thursday, July 27, 2017

MTG Card Smith

Just for those who are looking to custom craft their Magic Card in a convenient fashion...

Enjoy guys. ^^

Tip: It helps to study all the card texts (terminology, card anatomy, and archetype) just so to ensure legitimacy.

Final presentation guide lines

13x19 prints

finals and development sketches per final

6 total
3 finals
3 dev sketches

Come before class starts to post up work!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vicki Gao wk 8

Sam Drummond wk 8

Week 8 | Tony Duan

Lorenzo Di Sante Wk8

WK 08 Anda Sung

HW Week 9 : Andres Esquivel

Joshua Lim Week 8

Dawn Sng Week 8

Ryan Ching Week 8

Rod Raymundo - Week 8 WiP

This Week

From Last Week

DC2_WK8_WilliamMontalvo_Final Files (WIP)

week 8 | Conrad Gervinas

Progress- WIP Magic Card

Dark Waterfall?
Light waterfall?

Week 8 l Aaron Chae

^(Updated P.O. by Lance)^

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 8 Assignment

Just continue to refine your magic card illustration based on the feedback/paintovers you got in class. Keep in mind there are only two weeks left of class so if you still don't have your direction figured out or just need feedback, definitely reach out to either me or James.
Don't forget to post on the blog and bring your illustration to work on next week.